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Recommendation of Excellent Products in 2019: (The Republic of China's double-flag coin should be a hundred-thousand-dollar bronze coin)


Guangdong Zhongan International Auction (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. launched a collection of high-quality products - (The Republic of China's double-flag coin should be a hundred-thousand-dollar bronze coin)!!



[Name]?The Republic of China's double-flag coin should be a hundred-thousand-dollar bronze coin

【规格】20g?直径3.9cm ?


【类别】 钱币 



[Contacts]?Mr. Li ?????[Telephone]17358838323




The blue sky and white day flag was originally designed by Lu Haodong, a member of the bourgeois revolutionary party. At that time, the number of cross-lights on the flag varied. Later, as explained by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the cross-lights represented the number of trunks and branches, ranked twelve to replace twelve hours; later, they were used as the Kuomintang flag. The red flag is full of blue sky and day, similar to the blue sky and day flag, except that the pattern of blue sky and day is changed to the upper left corner of the flag, and the rest is red.







There are twelve blooming flat chrysanthemums in the bead circle on the front and center of the coin. The upper margin book "Republic of China" and the lower margin book "Dang Baiwen Tongyuan" have a relief-shaped three-dimensional six-petal flower on both sides. The double flags crossed on the back have been changed obviously, which symbolizes the five-color flag and the iron-blood eighteen-star flag set up by the 1911 Revolution and the Republic of China. And red flags in the sky and day.

百文铜元背面双旗的旗杆夹角约为60度,中间两条旗穗自然下垂,上缘英文 “HO -NAN (河南)”,下缘书“100 CASH (100文)”,两侧为藤蔓卷草牵牛花饰。此双旗币现存世量不多,具有很高的收藏和投资价值,上面的包浆和锈迹也是见证了其历史年代的沉积,不难看出它明显的历史过度性特征,此钱币虽然历经沧桑,但纹路依然隐约可见,展现那个时期精湛的钱币工艺,具有极高的收藏价值和研究价值

The angle between the flagpole of the two flags on the back of Baiwen Tongyuan is about 60 degrees. The two flagpole Panicles in the middle droop naturally. The upper edge of the flagpole is HO-NAN (Henan). The lower edge is 100 CASH (100 articles). The two sides are ornaments of vine, rolled grass and morning glory. This double-flag coin has a small amount of money in the world and high value of collection and investment. The slurry and rust on it also witnessed the deposition of its historical era. It is not difficult to see its obvious historical excessive characteristics. Although the coin has gone through vicissitudes of life, its lines are still dimly visible. It shows the exquisite coin craft of that period and has a very high value of collection and research.



中安国际拍卖(深圳)有限公司位于深圳市龙华区,是一家集合艺术品展览、艺术品销售,艺术品交流等综合服务型平台,企业规模100人以上。中安国际拥有丰富的客户资源以及专业的营销策划团队,为广大藏家的藏品进行专业、立体式宣传,并对每件拍品进行独立特殊的营销策划,如撰写具有吸引力的文案并配以不定期的艺术品展览会等增加展品的吸引力和知名度。中安国际通过专业的团队协作,为广大收藏爱好者提供优质、专业、便捷的艺术品服务。Zhongan International Auction (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is located in Longhua District of Shenzhen City. It is a comprehensive service-oriented platform for art exhibition, art sales, art exchange and so on. The scale of the enterprise is more than 100 people. With abundant customer resources and professional marketing planning team, Zhongan International carries out professional and three-dimensional propaganda for the collections of Tibetans, and carries out independent and special marketing planning for each piece of work, such as writing attractive texts and matching with irregular art exhibitions to increase the attractiveness and popularity of exhibits. Through professional teamwork, Zhongan International provides high-quality, professional and convenient art services to collectors.

? ? ??中安国际拍卖(深圳)有限公司以传承中华五千年文化为使命,秉承关注客户需求、倾听客户声音、全心全意为客户创造价值的经营理念;以传承艺术、收藏天下、诚信为本、传播文化为宗旨;公开,公平、公正、诚信为服务原则。Zhongan International Auction (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. takes the mission of inheriting the Chinese culture for 5000 years as its mission, adhering to the business philosophy of "paying attention to customer needs, listening to customer voices and creating value for customers wholeheartedly"; with the purpose of "inheriting art, collecting the world, honesty-based, disseminating culture"; and with the service principle of "openness, fairness, impartiality and honesty".

? ? ??中安国际还深入陶瓷学院、美术学院、珠宝鉴定学院挖掘专业人才,在进行专业培训、实战技巧培训和摸底考核后,挑选出在玉器、瓷器、字画等不同领域的优秀人才,更有针对性的在各个领域进行藏品征集。短短一年时间,中安国际已成为华东地区高端艺术收藏品行业最受欢迎的品鉴平台。公司内部设有大型高品位的艺术收藏品展览交易中心,分别有陶瓷区、玉器区、名人字画区、杂项区等各类型。?Zhongan International also goes deep into ceramics academy, fine arts academy, jewelry appraisal academy to excavate professional talents. After professional training, practical skills training and groping assessment, it selects outstanding talents in different fields such as jade, porcelain, calligraphy and painting, and collects collections in various fields more pertinently. In just one year, Zhongan International has become the most popular platform for high-end art collection industry in East China. The company has a large high-grade art collection exhibition and trading center, including ceramic area, jade area, celebrity calligraphy and painting area, miscellaneous area and other types.


中安国际拍卖有限公司可以做到保障成交,合同终止后只收取低额的服务费,前期不收取运作费用。合作藏品包括钱币、瓷器、字画、陨石、玉器、佛像、宝石等古董古玩,找寻有需求的买家。如果价格不合适的,后期有机会申请国内外拍卖平台拍卖,做到更快成交的前提下,拍出满意的市场价格。Zhongan International Auction Co., Ltd. can guarantee the completion of the transaction. After the termination of the contract, only a low service fee will be charged, and no operating fee will be charged in the early stage. Collaborative collections include coins, porcelain, calligraphy and painting, meteorites, jade, Buddha statues, gems and other antiques to find buyers in need. If the price is inappropriate, there will be an opportunity to apply for auction platform at home and abroad in the latter part of the auction, so as to achieve faster transaction, and to obtain a satisfactory market price.


国内正规拍卖公司,请认准深圳中安国际拍卖有限公司,免费鉴定的正规拍卖公司;前期不收取任何费用,卖不卖出去都退还押金;有实力有拍卖资质的正规拍卖公司。Domestic formal auction companies, please confirm Shenzhen Zhongan International Auction Co., Ltd., a free appraisal of the formal auction company; no charge in the early stage, selling or not selling will return the deposit; a strong formal auction company with auction qualifications.



Ancient Rhyme, Liufang and Zhongan International --- We have made the cause of artworks to the utmost



Zhongan International Collection Hotline: 0755-21004329



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Scope of solicitation:


[Ceramics] Gaogu, Yuan, Ming and Qing, Ming and Qing Porcelain, Minguo Porcelain, Modern Wool Porcelain and Master Fine Porcelain, Purple Sand Pot.


[Ancient coins] Rare ancient coins of all dynasties. Silver and copper coins of the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China.


?[Jade] Ancient Jade, Ming and Qing Jade, Modern Jade, Jade, Tianhuang, Chicken Blood Stone.


?[Calligraphy and Painting] Calligraphy and Painting by Celebrity Masters of All Dynasties, Modern and Contemporary Calligraphy and Painting, and Calligraphy and Painting by Celebrity Masters of All Factions.


?[Miscellaneous] Good copies of ancient books, gold, silver and bronze wares, exotic stone carvings, stationery supplies, Buddha statues.


[Furniture] Hardwood furniture of various materials in Ming and Qing Dynasties is mainly composed of rosewood, Hainan Huanghua pear and Aucklandia australis.