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Chengdu Boguxuan Auction Co., Ltd. [Tibet. Recommendation] column recommends art treasures selected by experts at the first level of national appraisal to buyers for the powerful dissemination effect of the collection. It helps collectors to bridge the gap, so that the value of thousands of art treasures can be excavated and valued, and high prices can be concluded at the auction.


Archaeological excavations have proved that the export of Chinese ceramics began at the Tang Dynasty at the latest, when it was exported as a special product with silk abroad. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, due to the development of world capitalism, the foreign trade of Chinese ceramics entered a new stage. In the early 18th century, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and other countries in Europe were allowed to set up trade institutions in Guangzhou, so that the sales of Chinese porcelain in Europe reached a historical peak.

骨质瓷产生于英国的一个高档瓷种,距今已有 3 0 0 多年的历史。因其“薄如纸、透如镜、声如磬、白如玉”,瓷质细腻通透,器型美观典雅,彩面润泽光亮,花面多姿多彩的特点,成就了它洁白的质地和华贵的造型,兼有使用和艺术的双重价值,历史上是宫廷专用品和贵族收藏之珍品,是权力和地位的象征,受到不少买家的青睐,号称“瓷器之王”。骨质瓷在经过一代代名匠之手后,逐渐成为世界陶瓷珍品。

Bone porcelain is a high-grade porcelain produced in Britain. It has a history of more than 300 years. Because of its characteristics of "thin as paper, transparent as mirror, voice as gorgeous, white as jade", exquisite and transparent porcelain, elegant and beautiful utensils, lustrous and lustrous colored surface, and colorful flowers, it has achieved its white texture and luxurious shape, and has dual value of use and art. It is a treasure of Royal special products and noble collections in history. The symbol of power and status is favored by many buyers and is known as the "King of Porcelain". Bone porcelain has gradually become a world treasure of ceramics after generations of famous craftsmen.


Bone China is a kind of special British Royal porcelains and the designated ceramics in the Central South China Sea. It is recognized as a high-grade ceramics in the world at present. Bone china tableware not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has the quality of maintaining people's health. Bone ceramics are made by adding animal bone powder to traditional ceramics. They have thin and transparent embryo and strong toughness. Bone porcelain is the representative of green ceramics. Coloured bone porcelain in glaze melts the picture into high temperature bright glaze, and the picture is not easy to wear and tear, and does not fall off. It deserves to be called "healthy ceramics".


At the same time, blue and white is one of the mainstream varieties of Chinese ceramics. The treasure of the firing process of Chinese ceramics belongs to the underglaze color porcelain. Combining with the Western bone ceramic technology, it produces ceramic products with different national styles, which promotes the vigorous development of the world ceramics industry and greatly promotes the exchange of Chinese and foreign cultures.



Before the seventeenth century, when China's porcelain entered the West in large quantities, the daily utensils used by Westerners were mainly pottery, wood and metal utensils, especially pottery, which became widely used in daily life. The development of the Silk Road on the sea has made China's ceramic craftsmanship refreshing in Europe. Europeans have learned from the European ceramic craftsmanship of traditional Chinese ceramic craftsmanship. One of their greatest achievements is the invention of "bone china". The so-called bone china, refers to the formula of making porcelain contains 50% animal bone powder, because the addition of animal bone powder, this kind of porcelain not only looks transparent, constant temperature effect is better than ordinary porcelain, the texture is also more solid. One hundred years or more after the invention of hard ceramics in Europe, only iron red and cobalt blue pigments on ceramic bodies can withstand high temperature roasting, while the latter is more popular, so most European ceramics are recorded as underglaze cobalt blue. Ceramics produced by some ceramic workshops in Dresden, the capital of Saxony, are quite special. Many workshops are owned by famous artists, who buy ceramic blanks from other porcelain factories for painting or relief creation. Most of these billets are labeled with porcelain factories. They first cover them with gold glaze and then mark their notes on the glaze. They are usually blue crowns. Their unique noble appearance and historical precipitation will surely attract the attention of many Tibetans. Their prospects are promising.

【藏 品 名 称】青花金彩花口盘(外销瓷)

【藏 品 类 型】瓷 器

【藏 品 年 代】清 代

【藏 品 信 息】口径:255mm 底径:121.5mm 高:26mm

【藏 品 来 源】重庆 郝先生 旧藏

[Collection Name] Blue and White Golden Flower Oral Plate (Export Porcelain)

[Collection Type] Porcelain

[Collection Age] Qing Dynasty

[Collection Information] Caliber: 255mm Bottom Diameter: 121.5mm High: 26mm

[Source of Collections] Mr. Hao's Old Collection in Chongqing

【藏 品 简 介】此件瓷器整体通透,色泽柔和,釉彩均匀,胎薄明亮,沁人心脾。局部纹饰描金,藏品绘画上,精准描绘,笔触优雅,制作手艺高超 ,兼顾手感和造型的典雅设计,融合了传统北欧手工艺与东方瓷绘风格,可谓欧洲瓷器典型代表。”瓷器"与"中国"在英文中同为一词,充分说明中国瓷器的精美绝伦完全可以作为中国的代表。高级瓷器拥有远高于一般瓷器的制作工艺难度,作为古代中国的特产奢侈品之一,瓷器通过各种贸易渠道传到各个国家,乃皇室贵族所享,这件精美的青花描金花口盘正是欧洲宫廷御用,描金部分充分显现皇室尊贵,更加肯定了藏品的投资和收藏价值。

[Introduction to Collections] This piece of porcelain is transparent, soft in color, uniform in glaze color, thin and bright, refreshing and refreshing. Local decorative gold, collection painting, precise description, elegant brush strokes, superb craftsmanship, both feel and shape of the elegant design, integration of traditional Nordic handicraft and Oriental porcelain painting style, can be regarded as a typical representative of European porcelain. "Porcelain" and "China" are the same words in English, which fully shows that the exquisite Chinese porcelain can be regarded as the representative of China. As one of the special luxuries of ancient China, porcelain was spread to various countries through various trade channels, which was enjoyed by the Royal nobles. This exquisite blue and white golden mouth plate was used by the European Royal court. The golden part fully showed the royal nobility and affirmation. The investment and collection value of the collection are also discussed.

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This collection is now handed over to the Network Marketing Commissioner of Chengdu Boguxuan Auction Co., Ltd. for operation and promotion. Welcome to our company for appreciation and consultation. Collectors can get details through the major media and welcome to our company. If you want to purchase it, you can go through the relevant formalities to our company for consultation in advance. Since its establishment, our company has always adhered to the service principle of "openness, fairness, impartiality, honesty and trustworthiness", with complete relevant qualifications, the most solid publicity, the top platform and the best service. Special tips: (the above treasure holders trust us to sell in good faith, welcome all collectors to consult or bid, the pictures are taken in kind, if there is any doubt, we can make an appointment to see in kind) Chengdu Boguxuan Auction Co., Ltd.